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Interesting Links




Al's Mellophone Page -- Features a comprehensive repository of information about all forms of mid-voice instruments. The historical narratives are tremendous and this is a great resource for mellophonists! (report bad link)


Bugles Across America --Formed by Tom Day, BAA helps connect musicians with families needing Taps performed at military funerals. A great cause! (report bad link)


David Welch --The author of the '84 Garfield Cadets Journal has created a site detailing his experience dealing with brain cancer. (report bad link)


George Zingali Memorial Fund -- This is the memorial scholarship fund site that provides scholarships to drum corps participants.  It also provides a way for past students of George to give back to the activity he so dearly loved (hint hint). (report bad link)


High Brass -- This 20 piece Euro Jazz band is an alumni drum corps organization that features all bell-front brass--and they're cutting albums!  Check them out! (report bad link)


Indy Feral is an organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering of feral cats through a progressive trap-neuter-return (TNR) policy.  Even if you're not in the Indy area, this site serves as a tremendous information resource.  Hey!  It's for the cats, man! (report bad link)


IV Music -- Star Mid-voice alum Ed Cooning IV is bringing music into healthcare settings, primarily to children who are on extended stay due to lengthy or aggressive treatments for their condition. (report bad link)


Dr. John Ericson -- Dr. John Ericson is an associate professor of horn at Arizona State University. He's prepared a site that is a great resource for horn players who must cope with bell-front marching instruments. (report bad link)


Joshua Talbott -- This Star Mid-voice alum is a driving force in the Star Alumni Association movement and is a noted arranger and composer. (report bad link)


Mellophone, The Band -- This Danish band has named itself after the horn of scorn.  Most of their website isn't in English, but their melody-laden pop recordings are.  Take a listen! (report bad link)


Mellophonium -- If you can read Italian, this is probably an awesome, if not disturbing site. (report bad link)


Murray State Mellophones -- Thursday night rehearsals at Roy Stewart Stadium and the venerable bean rolls at The Apple. All part of the MSU Experience.(report bad link)


Sara Wheeler -- Sarah is an inspiring artist and a former member of Star of Indiana's inaugural season. Regrettably, her career with the corps was cut short. (report bad link)


Scott Allen -- Star alum Scott Allen freelance artist and graphic designer has prepared several outstanding works that feature drum corps elements. (report bad link)


Star Alumni Association -- Ever wandered whatever happened to the Star People?  Sure, they were relatively harmless in '85, but after 1988 they started to get angry.  Find out how these grizzled drum corps veterans have coped with real life. (report bad link)


A portion of Star United performed at the 2006 Concours Grand Prix in downtown Indianapolis on July 1, 2006. Click here for photographs from this event. (report bad link)


Star United places first at the 2006 DCA Individual and Ensemble Nationals held in Rochester, New York. Click here for details and scores. (report bad link)


Star United places first at the 2007 DCA Individual and Ensemble Nationals held in Rochester, New York. Click here for details and scores. (report bad link)


Susannah Kenton is the granddaughter of Stan Kenton and a great friend of The Middle Horn Leader. Learn more about Susannah and her books here. (report bad link)


The Lone Mellophonist -- A missing frame of the Zapruder film has created a furor among assassination researchers.  Who is the lone mellophonist found on frame 166.5? (report bad link)