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The Articles

Select articles from the 14 issues of The Middle Horn Leader's print era (1992-1995), as well as new articles prepared by staff members for other publications are presented below. Click the photo to access the article.


Online Back Issues


August 2009 -- A photo essay of DCI Semi and Final warmups, A recap of the Star of Indiana Alumni Corps, and Barb Maroney

January 2008 -- An article reviewing the Blue Devils remote audition in Indianapolis was paired with a review of the King 1121 Mellophone and a Reeves Valve Alignment.

February 2008 -- A first look at John Ericson's book entitled A Mello Catechism, a review of Curry CCaps, and the new Reeves C2J Mouthpiece.

March 2008 -- A first look at the Quantum 5050 Marching Mellophone, a homage to the mellocast celebrating year one, and an update on David Welch.


April 2008 -- A recap of Carmel High School's mellophonium project, a retrospective on the King K-50 mellophone bugle, and photos from the 2008 NABBA Championships.


September 2008 -- A recap of Star United Mini Corps' 2008 season and performances.


October 2008 -- A recap of Star of Indiana's return to DCI in 2010 (exhibition), a review of the Nirschl marching mellophone, and a recap of an Alison Balsom Master Class.



Select Original Articles (1992 thru 1995)


Barbara Maroney was the mellophone soloists for the Garfield Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps during their 1983 & 1984 seasons.

Christopher Smith was a French horn bugle soloist with the Belleville Black Knights and Madison Scouts.  Chris discusses the French horn bugle and its future.

Mark Schafer of Dynasty Bugle Corporation comments on the development and design concerns surrounding the mellophone bugle.

Paul Rowe was a mellophone bugler in Future Corps, the professional drum and bugle corps of Walt Disney World.  Paul discusses the life of a professional mellophone bugler.


Wayne Downey has been a recognized icon in the activity since the mid-1970s.  Here's a brief bio and an interesting look at how the Concord Blue Devils' horn line has evolved over the years.


Bonnie Ott was one of DCI's first super stars. Here's a brief bio of this important mellophone soloist from the Stockton Commodores and the Concord Blue Devils.


Mike Dennis was developing convertible instruments for several drum and bugle corps during the 1990s prior the rules change.  In this article, Mike discusses the use of G bugles in drum corps.

Stan Kenton incorporated a section of mellophoniums in his band from late 1959 through 1963.  This article is one of the most detailed accounts of this period.

Jo Lea Starling was married to Mellophonist Ray Starling, an important member of the Kenton Orchestra and other ensembles.  Jo Lea recounts Ray in this interview.

Tony Scodwell is a professional musician and photographer who was also one of the last mellophonium players with the Stan Kenton Orchestra.  This interview details Tony's tenure as a Kenton mellophonium.

Don Elliott legitimized the mellophone in popular music in the 1950s and 1960s.  This mini-biography offers information about a rare musician and pioneer in jazz, advertising, and recording.

David Welch kept a meticulous diary during his rookie season with the Garfield Cadets in 1984.  This is a rare glimpse into that phenomenal season.

This is a chapter prepared for Drum Corps World's History of Drum and Bugle Corps hardcover book project.  It provides a detailed look at how bugles have evolved through the origins of the drum and bugle corps activity.



Supplemental Articles


This article on Individual & Ensemble competitions originally appeared in the April 1994 (issue thirteen) of The Middle Horn Leader.